We're a moderately sized outfit within the UK that'll be competing in all of the above series listed above during the 2020 season. Sponsorship will include your brand/logo on all outdoor awnings, radio advertisement during race weekends for 'Macro' sponsors, T shirt giveaway with the teams branding/logo with social media advertisement inc Twitter and Facebook leading up to the giveaway. Incentives such as coupons will be included so prize winners acquire discounts of all team merchandise purchased from our store. All funds generated will be reinvested back into the Motorsport team.

Our Team is not only comprised of Racing champions such as Adam Higgins, Bob Higgins, Richard Higgins and Mathew Mandipira but also provides racing opportunities to staff of our partnering companies such as Ryan (AA), M, Barrand, A, Barrand, Ian Gorringe, S.Norton (AASP RECOVERY), Joel Arguelles (VOLANTECH) & more.

Within our team, we're utilising the skills of a full size crew. Management understands different positions lose different amounts of energy per race and we use this to our advantage. For example, metrically speaking, jack guys lose only 5 stamina per race and don't need to be swapped out as often as other positions. During a race weekend, we make sure to rotate our fuel and jack guys so they're always at their optimum. Although extensive amounts of training are carried out to ensure for maximum efficiency, we're still susceptible to to human error. For instance if the tire guy makes a mistake, they're often switched to allow sufficient recovery time. We give this example as refuelling is the most high risk activity for the pit crew as well as being the longest part to complete from start to finish during a pit stop. If someone messes up, it differently loses time. This's one of the reasons why we prioritise our teams health, giving us longevity for season progress.

By the year 2021, once Team, Partners & Sponsors have settled in and are comfortable, we at MATEM MOTORSPORT are planning on organising events for the less fortunate. Seeing as we're in a great position to put a smile on many faces going through hardship, we plan on running charity events and community competitions to create life long memories which'll not only bring a feel good factor all parties involved, but raise funds that'll benefit communities.


From a psychological stand point everyone that's apart of the event will experience the feel food factor. Lets say for instance, the runner/biker feels he is really doing something for his/her favourite charity (it is coosting blood, sweat and tears) and the people who donate money are willing to donate more, because the person asking them for the money shows that he/she is really involved with this charitable event, because of the blood/sweat/tears that they are going to shed.

Partners: Nankang Tyres, Barc, C1 Racing Club, AASP Recovery, MATEM, TheSignTeam, RydalComs, Volatech, MOTUL.

Team Suppliers: Nankang Tyres, AASP Recovery, Motul, Volantech.




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