Purchasing this item is for 1x 3hr race with a maximum 3hr stint time. This listing price excludes all 24hr events.

Purchases are non refundable so please be 100% certain in your arrangements before booking.


Arrive and Drive available for the C1. Racing Club 2020 Season (3hr Races). (Mandatory PitStop with a driver change is compulsory).

Drivers Practice will take place during testdays. A further practice session will take place either on the day of the event or the day before in a trackday/testday that all individual drivers will have to pay £150 to participate. This's only inclusive to our paid drivers racing on race weekends.

Qualifying consists of 2 flying laps per driver.


We are looking for funded drivers to race in our car during selected rounds of the 2020 season. To be shortlisted for for an event, please contact umathew@aaspmotorsport.co.uk - Once full information has been published by the series organisers, we'll notify the drivers interested in participating.


The price for this package includes Pit Crew, Tyres, Fuel, Hospitality & entry (excluding racewear). Payments can be made via Bank Transfer, Telephone Card Payment Or Cash (Paypal Payments not accepted).


Date Circuit Format

4th April - Oulton Park - 3 hour Race (£700.00 + VAT) (3 drivers per team). 54min Stint Per Driver.

27th June -Snetterton - 3 hour. (£700.00) (3 drivers per team). 54min Stint Per Driver.

11th July - Croft - 3 hour (£700.00  + VAT) (3 drivers per team). 54min Stint Per Driver.

22nd August - Donington -3 hour. (£700.00  + VAT) (3 drivers per team). 54min Stint Per Driver.

23rd – 25th Oct - Spa 24 hour POA

14th / 15th Nov - Brands Hatch - 3 hour Day to Night (£700.00  + VAT) (3 drivers per team). 54min Stint Per Driver.

All 3 hour races will be on Saturday except Brands, which will be on Sunday.

C1 Racing Club (3hr Race Drive) 2020

SKU: Race Drive With Mandatory Pitstop (C1)
  • Instructions 

    Once you confirm your RaceDrive Booking; we will send you an invoice containing information on 'how to pay.' 

    We only accept payments via Card, Cash or Bank Transfer. Payment can be made at our office or via Telephone.

    On arrival at our Registration area we will welcome you and ask to see your Motorsport Licence. You will be asked to sign an event indemnity form with all your details including address and next of kin details. If you have Race Insurance, your damage excess will be £0 however if you're racing without Race Insurance, your damage excess will be £500.00 (please note that, payment of £500.00 for damage excess will only be required if you damage the car to the point it's unable to continue the race).

    Can I book more drive time?

    Providing we have availability, there is always an opportunity to purchase extra race time on the day but please be aware, to guarantee additional race time, you’ll need to book it in advance then it's up to you whether you use your additional slot or not.


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