• The windshield is reserved for the driver name, the series logo, and the logo of the manufacturer of the car.

  • There are also reserved areas on the side and room of the car for the car number. Everything else is available for sponsorship.

  • The primary value of being a sponsor of a race car is the exposure that your brand will receive - both in person and on television. While prices may vary based on the team, here are a few of the common spaces available on a car. A brand may get multiple locations on the car, depending on final negotiations. The design of the car, including all the sponsor logos is generally referred to as a "paint scheme".

  • Hood - the main area most people think of when they think of a car sponsorship. In addition to the logo on the hood, your brand may also have the most influence on the overall color of the car. The brand in this position is usually considered to be the "primary" sponsor of the car.

  • Roof = teams may include the name of the "primary sponsor" on the roof of the car

  • Other brands may be "secondary" sponsors and have logos in the positions below

  • Lower Hood - an area below the primary logo on the hood of the car (usually combined with other locations)

  • Front Quarter Panel - most of this space is taken up by NASCAR contingency sponsor decals, but space is available for team sponsors.

  • Rear Quarter Panel - the area above the rear tire. Often, the "primary" sponsor will also receive this location in addition to the Hood.

  • Rear Tire - area between the car number and the rear tire

  • Lower Rear Quarter Panel - the area behind the rear wheel

  • Side Rear Bumper - the small area after the rear Quarter Panel

  • TV Panels = small areas on the car that show up when the car is carrying a TV camera. Usual locations are rear bumper, roof, dashboard, head support and cockpit

  • A-Post - the bar between the windshield and the front side window

  • B-Post - the bar between the front and rear side windows

  • C-Post - the bar between the rear side window and the windshield

  • Deck lid - the area that most people would consider "the trunk" on a passenger car

  • Brands may have various combinations of all these locations.


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